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Our Doctors

Veterinarian at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital

Dr. Stepanov

Fort McMurray has been my home for 40 years. It’s where I found life, love, and opportunity.  When I graduated from Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998, I wanted to be a Zoo Veterinarian, but I found myself in small animal medicine – I love helping animals and being a hero of animal health – keeping your family member happy and strong, or doing everything I can to get them back to a healthy state.  When I opened the doors of Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital I knew there would be ups and downs.  We never could have imagined all the changes in Fort McMurray, like the wildfire that devastated our City or the bay fire that occurred in our plaza, but we grew stronger, made hard choices, and we persevered – We are YMM Strong.

Veterinarian at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital

Dr. Short

I knew I loved animals from a young age..   In high school I realized that I was supposed to work with them and I made it my goal. I started at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital in 2010 as a Veterinary Technician Assistant, which affirmed my passion for Animal Science… Since then I have worked hard to become a veterinarian, so I left Fort McMurray to pursue my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  After finishing my prerequisite bachelor’s degree at the University of Alberta, I made my way to the University of Sydney in Australia!  I graduated earlier this year (2020), and I’ve been working for 8 months now as a Veterinarian!  Every day at WBSAH is a day with lots of learning with different unique cases.  Being part of a team that supports each other has been amazing.  Every job has its ups and downs but I actually like a lot of the different aspects of my job. I enjoy both surgery and medicine. I like how I am part of making an animal feel better, their healing process or, ultimately, providing compassion to end suffering.  Especially after helping all the sick patients, I enjoy the simple vaccination and wellness appointments. Everyday brings something new and exciting. 

Fort McMurray is my home and I love it here. I went to high school here, went away to university and came back because I love it here. I like how far north we are and how Fort McMurray is a community with lots of opportunity and adventure in my backyard.  The fact that we can see the northern lights here is pretty amazing!

Veterinarian at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital

Dr. Spiker

After I graduated from WCVM in 1992, my love was small animal medicine , but got sidetracked by large and mixed practice for far too long.  I really enjoy new challenges, and there always is one!!  I love Fort McMurray; I‘ve been here since 2017 and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital is a busy place, and it has a great staff, associates and owners.  Being part of a great team, all the support and a lot of laughs makes every day a little better.  And the Dachshund puppy appointments don’t hurt 😉

Our Team

Practice Manager

Kate McIntyre Practice Manager


Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


As far back as I can remember I always wanted to work in a vet clinic in some capacity, whether it be as a veterinarian or as a technician.  I started my academic adventure in Edmonton at the University of Alberta before I switched gears and decided I wanted to be a Veterinary Technician.  The May evacuation due to the Fort McMurray Wildfires happened with two days left in my six week internship. I feel so lucky to have landed in such a well-run clinic right from graduation. I graduated from Lakeland College and 2016 and I have been a Registered Veterinary Technician with Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital ever since.  Fort McMurray is gorgeous and I love being in the middle of the Boreal forest with so many beautiful trails to explore.

Team Supervisors

Registered Veterinary Technician at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


I graduated from Lakeland College in Vermillion in 1997.  I was the odd ball in my family that always wanted to do something with animals. When I was little I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, as I got older, I realized I was a more hands-on type person and a career as a tech was more my speed!  I love seeing patients grow up. They come in as puppies and kittens for vaccines, then you see them for spay/neuter, then whatever trouble they get into as adults, and finally as seniors. It’s an honour to help through their entire life. 

I’ve been with Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital since it opened in 2002.  It is rare to find a place of employment that has similar client and patient care ideals. I value the type of veterinary medicine that treats all patients as a family member, and gives its clients as much information as possible to treat those patients to get them back to their families. That’s my passion, and I understand that a client is putting their trust in us to look after their family member.  WBSAH has always strived to do this, and this team always goes above and beyond. Throughout the years, I have worked with some truly exceptional people!  Fort McMurray has been my home my entire life. I grew up here. It’s a tough city. It’s an oil town. We’ve been through fires, floods and pandemics, and we’re still here, albeit a little bruised. It’s not an easy town to live in, but once you’ve committed to staying, it becomes a home with all the opportunity you want to make of it!

Registered Veterinary Technician at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


I’ve been a WBSAH Warrior since 2012.  My heart led me to Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital was a lucky find.  I am thankful for the experiences I’ve had in the Mac (good or bad), the people I’ve met, and the fur babies I’ve pet 😉  You may know me as the crazy boxer lady – I love the wiggle butts and anything with an underbite – SO CUTE!  The X-ray suite is my happy place.  Patient positioning, providing your pet’s comfort in a scary dark room that beeps at them, and getting that ‘Perfect Shot’ to help our Veterinarians diagnosis and create a treatment plan fill me with joy.

Animal Health Technologists

Registered Veterinary Technician at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


I am a registered veterinary technician.  I graduated from Fairview College in 2001.  I am an Alberta Girl, born and raised. Though I have lived all over the province for work, and since 2008 I have made Fort McMurray my home.  I have been at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital since 2009.  My husband Daryl and I are the proud paw-rents to 5 furkids.  4 cats: Nitro, Turbo, Roush, and Boss.  And our newest addition Shelby, a Boston Terrier.

In my spare time, I enjoy camping, quadding, traveling with my husband, scrapbooking, photography, and checking out the hiking trails in Fort McMurray.  When I can, I love getting together with friends for card or board games.

As an RVT, I love providing client education, performing anesthesiology, and dentistry.  But my first love is radiology <3

Registered Veterinary Technician at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


I was lucky and knew exactly what I wanted as a career – ANIMAL HEALTH!  Straight out of highschool, I attended NAIT and became an Animal Health Technologist.  I have called Fort McMurray home for over 12 years with many more to come.  When Thickwood Veterinary Clinic was closing in 2015, I joined Team WBSAH – and I love every minute of it!  Although I love all aspects of my job, pet nutrition is my passion.  Food is love and food is fuel; sometimes we forget how important food is to our own health.

With a good health regime of diet and exercise, I spend my spare time keeping my rescue Frenchie fit and happy.  His weight loss journey has impacted his health in such a positive way – ‘walkies’ are much more enjoyable for him now <3

Registered Veterinary Technician at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


I made my way to Alberta 8 years ago. With its small town feel and full of opportunity; Fort McMurray has always felt like home.  After graduating from Olds College in 2019, I joined the team at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital (WBSAH).  WBSAH has been so supportive in helping me to advance my skills as a technician from the beginning. Having an amazing team with extensive and varied experience who strive to work together makes all the difference.  I like being part of the process of treating hospitalized patients and seeing the transformation that they can make. Being able to give them comfort and treatment in their worst moments makes every moment worth it to me.

Registered Veterinary Technician at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


In my last life, I was a hair stylist extraordinaire!  I dabbled in business marketing and administration before my adventure into Veterinary Medicine.  I graduated from Dalhousie University – Faculty of Agriculture in 2019.  As a Registered Veterinary Technician, I love working with non-ambulatory patients and performing dental cleanings – there is nothing more satisfying than scaling dirty teeth!

Fort McMurray is far from everything, but that’s what makes trips to Edmonton and Calgary more fun and exotic!  Working at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital has been great!  As a new RVT, there are a ton of hurdles and challenges to overcome on a daily basis.  I am blessed to be with a supportive team to help me learn and grow as a baby RVT.

Kate McIntyre Practice Manager



Clinical Service Representative at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


I moved to Fort McMurray in 2007, and coming from northern Ontario, Fort McMurray isn’t very different: beautiful landscape, hours from a ‘big city’, and the cold.  Biking or walking the trails, there is always an adventure to be had.

I had aspirations of working with children or becoming a Guidance Counselor, I may not be in that field, but some of the skills still apply.  With the help of the Doctors and Veterinary Technicians, I am still able to be helpful and guide clients to aid in their pet’s health and well being.  I love seeing patients that are feeling better, seeing clients happy, and of course the kitten and puppy cuddles are a perk.  I am so proud to be part of a Team that has been through so much and pulled through.  At home, I love spending time in my backyard oasis, relaxing, gardening, or taking care of my pets.  If I’m being honest, they all adopted me – cats, birds, ferrets, I would likely take in an elephant if I could – all animals deserve love and care, and as long as I breathe, I have them to give.

Clinical Service Representative at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


I moved here in 2017 from a small town in Newfoundland and started with Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital shortly after.  I have 3 dogs that I commit my life to!  Although we miss swimming in the ocean, we do enjoy the trails in Fort McMurray!  I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else <3

Client Service Representative at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital


Fort McMurray is full of opportunities – more than back home in NewBrunswick. Fort McMurray is a city of hard working people and I am thankful to be one of them. My favourite part of my job is sharing in a paw-rent’s excitement and relief when treatment works and their pet is finally back to being themselves.  And just in case you want to know, my little orange kitty’s name is Milo.

Kate McIntyre Practice Manager


Vet Tech Assistants

Animal Tech Assistant at Wood Buffalo Animal Hospital


Working with animals is a long way from my passion for Interior Design.  But, I love meeting new animals, and helping to create or maintain the comfort of every patient.  Although different from Ontario, Fort McMurray is a beautiful place to live and experience a new part of the country.  My dogs and I really enjoy the serene views and the greenery of the local trails.

Kate McIntyre Practice Manager